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"[I]t is our conviction that the sacred liturgy handed down to us by tradition has never been more important in the life of Catholics, as we behold the 'pilgrim Church on earth' continue to forget her theology, dilute her message, lose her identity, and bleed her members. By preserving, knowing, following, and loving her ancient liturgy, we do our part to bolster authentic doctrine, proclaim heavenly salvation, regain a full stature, and attract new believers who are searching for unadulterated truth and manifest beauty. By handing down this immense gift in turn, and by inviting to the Mass as many of our friends and our families as we can, we are fulfilling our vocation as followers of the Apostles."


It would be hard to improve on this "Top Ten List" by Kwasniewski and Foley. Edifying for those who have already stumbled upon the treasure of the ancient rites, eye-opening for those just discovering them, bracing and good-natured for those who have yet to consider it. Readily shareable and recommended.

Article: Ten Reasons To Attend The Traditional Latin Mass

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