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"Could there ever come a time when a sin as grievous as abortion 'just went away,' being dropped from canons and catechisms and the general teaching and preaching of pastors the world over – such that that the majority of the faithful would no longer shudder at it, fearing for their salvation simply by proximity to it?


Could such a sin ever become so commonplace as to no longer evoke horror and denunciation from among the clergy? Far worse, could it ever become actively supported or even routinely performed by them – albeit without any 'official change' in Church teaching – such that the sin became looked upon as an expedient act, or even as a badge of compassion and pastoral outreach?


Wake up. We are living in such a time."


A dialogue article with fictitious characters that introduces a mind-warping reality-check on the current state of the Church. For those seeking a salient demonstration of the regnant doctrinal disarray, this one is rather unique.

Article: Answering FutureCatholic; This Is Serious

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