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"William: My good fellow, I simply can’t go along with your position that the Novus Ordo is inherently defective. A pope could never promulgate a liturgy that was harmful to the faithful.


Terence: Bill, you amaze me! What prevents you from seeing what seems an obvious fact to me and so many other Catholics? Of course a pope can do that, because Paul VI did it in spades, and here we are, wallowing in the mess. The mess is all around us, in the countless boring and banal, if not irreverent and sacrilegious liturgies celebrated every day.


William: That’s only because of the way people have chosen to celebrate it, Terry. There’s nothing wrong with the liturgy in itself..."


Another insightful dialogue article From Dr. Peter Kwasniewski. Compelling!

Article: Are Faithful Catholics Allowed to Question the Liturgical Reform?

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