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"There are many superb treatments of the liturgical revolution that occurred after the Second Vatican Council, some of which are included in our Top Forty Reading List. This article is not one of them.


"Rather, it will consist of a series of short responses to questions that many continue to encounter upon proposing to good Catholics that the best possible practice they can adopt immediately, for the salvation of their souls and their families, is to relocate from their Novus Ordo parish and insert themselves into a community where the Traditional Latin Mass is offered exclusively, along with the other classical rites, orthodox catechesis, and sound moral teaching.


"We are increasingly convinced that the storm is darkening ahead for the Church in our days; and in any event, the time for our conversion is ever pressing. Thus we offer the following dialogue..."

Article: In Vitro Eucharist; or, Talking Your Way Out of SquishyChurch

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