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A brief and helpful opener for those just beginning to study the doctrinal "points of rupture" in the documents of Vatican II. 


"It has become an inevitability that in our attempts to understand the current crisis in the Church, we must look back upon the events that precipitated it. There is perhaps no more debated topic in this regard than the question of whether the Second Vatican Council was unjustly marred by a poor implementation and interpretation - the ill-defined and often reckless so-called “Spirit of Vatican II" - or was in itself problematic and thus formative in bringing us to the present ecclesiastical moment.


What is beyond dispute, however, is that the council did, in one way or another, play a pivotal role in the digression of contemporary Catholicism from the longstanding traditions — liturgical, sacramental, and doctrinal — of the perennial Church."

Article: Points of Rupture of the Second Vatican Council with the Tradition...

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