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When it comes to Catholic tradition generally and the Latin Mass specifically, this book is a winner for both veterans and newbies alike.

True to form, Kwasniewski treats his subject with the clarity of a scholar and, at times, the expressiveness of a poet - giving an eloquent and convincing account of his own journey to the Ancient Mass, and relating anecdotes from so many others who continue to joyfully devote themselves to their birthright, the Mass of Ages. But Kwasniewski does far more here than relate personal experiences; sound logic and a robust theological approach can be found throughout, and the pages are copiously annotated, along with a handy glossary and wide-ranging bibliographic information for further reference. A broad scope of issues are addressed, all connected to the central theme of Catholic worship.


The book is very accessibly written and in brief, digestible chapters, allowing a large and varied audience to read and understand; yet it also gives plenty of material for those wishing to dig deeper into the subject matter. Whether for one's own information on the old Mass and its tremendous import for today, or for use as "that one right book" to hand off to priests, family, and friends on the subject - this one is high on our list.


Book: Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright (Kwasniewski)

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