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Dr. Peter Kwasniewski offers a lively account of the noble beauty and transcendent holiness of the traditional Roman liturgy, which humbles us before the mystery of God, stirs us with its pageantry, carries us into sacred silence, and bears us to a world of invisible realities.


He contrasts this priceless treasure with the rationalistic reforms of the sixties, which yielded a Catholic liturgy severed from its own history, inadequate to its theological essence, unequal to its ascetical-mystical purpose, and estranged from its cultural inheritance. His conclusion: if there is to be a new springtime in the Church, the widespread restoration of the traditional liturgical rites will be at the heart of it.


One of our first recommendations to anyone. Highly readable, engaging, and with enough scholarly apparatus for those interested in digging deeper on the liturgical question. Bravo! 

Book: Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness (Kwasniewski)

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