*Make the traditional rite of Baptism more accessible at your parish!*


A solemn baptism is one of the most impactful ceremonies of the Roman Rite. Sometimes called the "Extraordinary Form," every Catholic has the canonical rite to request this ancient form of Baptism for their child - and our priests are blessed to provide it - per Pope Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum (2007).


Our Latin-English baptism program is a fantastic resource for parishes interested in making this beautiful rite more accessible to both clergy and laity alike. 



  • Thirty (x30) customized, 12-page printed booklets
  • Electronic file of customized program (PDF)
  • Unlimited future print and distribution rights


One purchase allows your parish to print unlimited future copies!



  • Complete Latin formulae and liturgical directions from the 1962 Rituale Romanum - the traditional Catholic rubric for the Sacraments
  • Approved English translations of all formulae, making it easier for everyone gathered to pray and follow along
  • Rich illustrations and explanatory notes offering deeper insight into the beauty and power of this great Sacrament, e.g. excerpts from Fathers and Doctors of the Church
  • Additional prayers: the "Churching of Women" blessing, and a formal parents' prayer to consecrate their child to the Blessed Mother
  • Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur ensuring fidelity to Catholic tradition, and making this a great take-home resource for study and sharing the Faith with others

*PARISH PACK: Traditional Catholic Baptism Program


    Please email us (whispersofrestoration@gmail.com) with the email address at which you'd like to receive your completed program, as well as the parish information you wish to see represented on the cover of your program:


    • Parish Name
    • Parish Street Address
    • Parish Website (where applicable)


    Our team will reply with a pay portal link within 24 hours, along with a sample program cover page. Once you verify that all information is accurate, we will then send the final electronic file (PDF) of your complete, customized baptism program to the email address you designate, and unless otherwise directed, we will send hardcopies directly to the parish address.


    Please contact us with any questions!

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