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Know your audience - reading through an occasionally sardonic or hypercritical tone, here one may find one of the more important catalogues of the ecclesial errors following upon the Second Vatican Council. 


In this second edition, co-author Christopher A. Ferrara brings the original work up to date with six new chapters addressing what Bishop Athanasius Schneider has called "the fourth great crisis" in the history of the Catholic Church. The additional chapters chronicle the attempts at ecclesial restoration by Benedict XVI and the "Francis revolution" following Benedict's mysterious resignation--including Francis's tumultuous Synod on the Family and his radical reform of the process for determining matrimonial nullity, leading to what some call "Catholic divorce" and a threat of schism on the magnitude of the Lutheran revolt of the 16th century.


This new look at the 50 years following the Second Vatican Council is sure to provoke discussion and debate among Catholics concerned about the state of their Church.

Book: The Great Façade (Ferrara, Woods, Rao)

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