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An invaluable reference tome for those who want a comprehensive source book of Catholic dogma. Since its first publication over 150 years ago, "Denzinger" has held universal renown and magisterial approbation since Bl. Pope Pius IX.


NOTE: Editions are important. Denzinger's foremost edition is doutbless the thirtieth (1957 ed.), which includes all articles and creeds of the Catholic Faith, all (ex cathedra) dogmatic definitions, decrees of the solemn Magisterium, papal bulls, encyclicals and letters, and some of the more weighty decisions of the Holy Office to that time, and the indices alone are worth the cost of admission: a general index, scriptural index, and invaluable systematic (topical) index. 


In sum: it's just the facts. Dogmatic facts.

Book: The Sources of Catholic Dogma [Enchiridion Symbolorum] (Denzinger)

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